Do you want to encourage your children to read (in any language!) and to learn languages? Do you believe in developing literacy through stories?

Le Bibliobook can help with nearly 2000 books in French!!





We aim to support (with or without the bus) the hard work which is being done to promote literacy and reading as well as the teaching of languages ; we do this by giving children and staff the opportunity to share stories in another language. They all learn whilst having fun in a unique environment !

What/who is Natta-Lingo ?? My name is Nathalie Paris (I promise you, it is my real French name !) and after teaching full-time in secondary education for 19 years I decided to become self-employed : having enjoyed teaching languages for over 10 years in primary feeder schools I chose to focus on that (I currently teach in 3 schools) ; then in order to share my extensive collection of French books with others... the idea came about of putting them in a mobile library ! Please note : LE BIBLIOBOOK IS MUCH MORE THAN JUST A MOBILE LIBRARY !!

We have owned the bus for nearly 2 years now and we are excited to be into our 3rd academic year with it ! It’s been as far as Leeds and Doncaster but has otherwise travelled around the North East : Lanchester, Stanley, Newcastle, Ushaw Moor, Consett, Burnopfield, Washington, Darlington, Shildon, Blyth, Cramilington, Ashington... Where else will it go ? Is anyone in Yorkshire, the Lake District or South Scotland interested ? We’d love to drive over to work with you !

Pupils and staff (up to a whole class at a time) can enjoy having a look around the bus, listening to stories in French, doing reading activities, speaking French with puppets, singing and playing games ! We have new enquiries all the time ; you can check or availability here. Please get in touch if you would like to find out what all the fuss is about !! 

The photos below are of : our growing games section (back wall but on the right when you walk on the bus) ; a carousel full of classic Bibliotheque Rose and Bibliotheque Verte books ; an exciting selection of children’s books which you see as you first walk on the bus ; next, an large collection of Asterix and Tintin books as well as story books and other tall books ; we also have an extensive section of Disney books including all the classic stories ; next to that are our bilingual dictionaries and reference books ; then you can see my French calendar and a little bit of display space ; on the other side, there is a section especially for little ones.



mercredi 29 octobre 2014
par  Natha

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